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Jessica Skowroneck | Mountain, 2019 Jessica Skowroneck | Pink banana's and a prayer for the return of the mysterious, 2018 Jessica Skowroneck | Excavation site, 2019 Jessica Skowroneck | That loosener of limbs, 2018 Jessica Skowroneck | You know the place, 2018 Jessica Skowroneck | Land of Fools and Lovers, 2019 Jessica Skowroneck | He (pleasure) lies in wait, a tropical scene, 2018 Jessica Skowroneck | Jungle morning, 2018 Jessica Skowroneck | We took all the time we needed, 2018

Solo Jessica Skowroneck Land of Fools and Lovers


Over de expositie

Nature and the sensuality that lives within it, the hidden places in a landscape where encounters can take place, the light still visible through closed eyelids, the shapes that blur as they fly past a car window or filter through lazily lowered lashes.

For her solo exhibition “Land of Fools and Lovers”, Jessica Skowroneck made new paintings in varying sizes. Her work balances the figurative and the abstract, sometimes recognisable as a landscape and sometimes only as a hint of one. Then, paint, colour and light take on a leading role. She creates a setting for invisible characters in stories of desire, physicality and sensuality. At the same time nature itself - the setting - becomes the most important character. The landscape is the body; nature and everything living in it is the beloved.

She asks herself if it’s foolish to still long to experience unity with nature today. Is it already too late? Or is the very act of awakening this desire the best way to change how we live our lives? Maybe seeing humanity as an intrinsic part of nature – and, in doing so, acknowledging the nature within ourselves – can be a powerful way to learn to love and care for ourselves and our surroundings.