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Miguel Marajo  | Alors Raconte, 2013 Patsheli Kahambo Kitenge | 150x150 cm Boris Anje Tabufor | 110x140 cm Pélagie Gbaguidi  | Viendra la fete

Equilibre fragile


Over de expositie

A new generation of young African artists will show their work, inspired by social media and global developments, they present vibrant images in which they depict the worlds they live in in meaningful symbolism.

Equilibre fragile is a carte blanche exhibition by Myriam Mihindou (Gabon, Fr). Participating artists are Boris Anje Tabufor (Cameroon), Pélagie Gbaguidi (Benin, Belgium), Ori Huchi Kozia (Republic of Congo), Miguel Marajo (Caribbean, Fr ), Alex Mawimbi (Kenia), Patsheli Kahambo Kitenge (DRC), Hervé Yamguen (Cameroon), Van Andrea (Republic of Congo), Myriam Mihindou (Gabon, FR).