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Jouni Toni | blind spot, 2018 Jouni Toni | Apartment block, 2018 Jouni Toni | Snowmen, 2019 Jouni Toni | Imaginary friends, 2018 Jouni Toni | 3d, 2019 Jouni Toni | zonder titel, 2019 Jouni Toni | Intersection, 2019 Jouni Toni | Cocktail, 2019 Jouni Toni | Park life, 2019

Jouni Toni 'Cross-section' solo exhibition


Over de expositie

"For me the process of making art is an ongoing attempt to translate and compress experience of  existence into simple visual form".

Jouni Toni (Finland, 1984), is a fellow of Rijksacademie (2014,2015) and is winner of the Royal Award for painting (2015). In past couple of years his main technical approach has been digital drawing and sketching combined to realization of the final work using traditional media. Jouni also works with three- dimensional pieces, that usually relate to previously done paintings dealing with similar themes from alternative points of views provided by different technique and materials.

''As a starting point for a new piece functions both past lived life and the ever changing surronding conditions and feelings of the present. I work primarily without reference images or live models trying to get closer to human experience instead pursuing "objective" reality.
Even though the goal of creating complete summary of basically unlimited amount of information is obviously unattainable, the attempt nevertheless feels deeply meaningful. In addition to that process results frequently single art works that despite all their imperfections, I can define as finished. A cross-sectional approach utilizing even color planes instead of painted spatial illusions feels like the most trutfhul one."