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3512 HB Utrecht
The Netherlands
+31 (0)30 2367242
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Jessica Skowroneck | With rosy fingers, 2018 Paul Klemann | Ipad drawing Camboy Anneke Wilbrink | zt (6), 120x180, 2020 Sam Hersbach  | Landprikker en schenkingsbeweging, 2018 Anneke Wilbrink | zt (4), 170x200, 2020 Patsheli Kahambo Kitenge | Sans titre, 2017 Anneke Wilbrink | zt, (2), 180x120, 2020 Robert Roest | Img 1 (Suck-kissing remora and the sloughing of a skin). 2016 Jouni Toni | zonder titel, 2019 Jouni Toni | Imaginary friends, 2018 Anneke Wilbrink | zt (5), 120x180, 2020 Sam Hersbach  | Aanblik van een landprikker, 2018 Rabi Koria | zonder titel, 2019 Ato Malinda | Endangered species, blue and gold macaw Ato Malinda | Untitled, 2016 Jessica Skowroneck | We took all the time we needed, 2018 Patsheli Kahambo Kitenge | 150x150 cm

Summer @ SANAA 9


Over de expositie

(Galerie SANAA will be on vacation from 24 July - 12 August).

Highlights of the past year - Jouni Toni, Jessica Skowroneck show paintings. Rabi Koria combines paint and ceramics and shows new work. All three won the Royal Award for painting in the past years. Sam Hersbach is the winner of the Royal Award for painting in 2018 and he is also present in the show. Minimalistic drawings of Alex Mawimbi and dream drawings by Paul Klemann are shown. Patsheli Kahambo 's painting are inspired by social media and the colonial history of Congo. Robert Roest paintings are colour and abstraction.